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Getting All I Asked For – Lots of Traveling

“Be careful what you wish for.” I was very specific when starting Lift9 (which has since become Intrepid Consultants) that I wanted a business that was global.  I had a lust to travel again as I had done during most of the 90s when helping to build ARIS to its IPO in 1997. Last month […]

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Making Excuses for Your Management Team?

Management teams say a lot about any company. Effective leaders surround themselves with great people. Such leaders understand their weaknesses and know how to augment those inadequacies by hiring accordingly. Real leaders are not afraid to hire people who will challenge them intellectually. An effective CEO also knows when someone on his/her management team will […]

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Take the Time to Think Big

An entrepreneur can be the visionary, janitor, salesman and office manager all at the same time. The hands-on requirements of a startup appeal to most entrepreneurs. However, all successful people need to have that “strategic time” — the quadrant two (not urgent, but important) in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey). This quadrant […]

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Understanding the Stair Step Pattern Of Company Growth

Company building is a unique experience. An entrepreneur can experience a huge gyrations of emotions in any given day: ‘Wow, we’re going to do this!’  ‘Oh, we’re going to crash and burn’.  ‘My employees hate me’.  ‘My customers love me’… With experience, however, you come to expect these twists and turns. In fact, you kind […]

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