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Be Relevant

RELEVANCE. What a wonderful word. There is so much noise in our world today, that it can be difficult to find relevant information. Try to think about this when talking to people in business. It’s amazing how often people, prepped with their presentations, talk about something that is totally irrelevant to the audience. Many people […]

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Successfully Communicating Across Generations at the Workplace

Yesterday, I was a panelist for the topic of successfully communicating across the different generations in the work force. The event was organized by ASCEND – Seattle Chapter. Dr. Jeff Wilson, a Boeing expert in generational studies, was the keynote speaker. He outlined a four-generation cycle: Silent, Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials. Apparently […]

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The Most Honest Part of the Body: Accurately Reading Body Language

Most of us know that nonverbal communication plays a bigger part in what we actually communicate than our words. Some speculate that it represents up to 80% of what we are communicating. Understanding people’s nonverbal signals more clearly, therefore, can be a huge advantage in business — or in life generally. Do you know what […]

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Speak with Clarity and Provide Rationale

Communication is something we often underestimate. That’s how marriages often get into trouble, as well as most projects in the business world. We know how to speak the same language, yet we often miscommunicate. Over the years of managing various people, I’ve learned the first step to better communication is acknowledging that people communicate differently. […]

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Fundamental Shift in How We Communciate

Boston College has stopped giving out emails to its incoming freshmen. Social media is the preferred mode of communication for Generation Y and Z. I have some young people helping me with a Lift9 video. They are creative and energetic, but not very responsive to email. So, I texted them for updates and got immediate […]

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High Tea Helps Face-to-Face Communication

While working at CSG Openline as the Vice President of Operations, one of my biggest challenges was to create a collaborative environment across the different delivery departments. Immediately, I had recognized that the teams relied too much on email communication and not enough on basic face-to-face resolutions of problems. In order to facilitate better teamwork […]

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Listen and Respond with Empathy

In the last post, I emphasized EMPATHY for a successful negotiations. Today, I want to take that further to say that “empathy” is important in almost all forms of human interaction. DDI Global, a leading management training group, identifies five key principles to effective communication with your employees: Maintain or enhance self-esteem Listen and respond […]

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