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A New Start in a Time of Opportunity, Risks

So, it begins anew for me once again. Last Friday was my last day with Ascentium.  Today is my first day working on what I consider my sixth potential venture. My experience at Ascentium was wonderful for the most part. Ascentium bought my company, ZeroDash1, in March of last year (2008). We were excited about […]

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Anil Batra, New Member on WAA Board

Meet Anil Batra, my favorite guru of Analytics. It so happens that he also works with me at Ascentium as Chief Analytics Officer. Last week, Anil was one of seven newly elected board members to Web Analytics Association (WAA). This is the leading association within the web analytics industry that supports its members by providing […]

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Charmed Suite 504

Meet Suite 504.  It’s in the FX building in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. I work there. At first glance, the sparse space looks rather ordinary and humble, quintessential office loft. It is approximately 2,000 square feet with an open floor plan accented with wooden beams and brick walls.  We thought about removing the commercial ceiling tiles […]

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Relevancy Matters in Email Marketing

Hey, there’s a story about me (well, it’s really about making email marketing more relevant and I’m just a part of the plot) in Anil Batra’s blog.  Anil and I actually work together at ZeroDash1 | Ascentium.  He is one of the most followed experts in web analytics, behavioral targeting, and online marketing.  Here, Anil […]

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Using Linkedin to Plan Business Events

Ascentium has used Linkedin as an event-registration platform on a couple of occasions.    The first was the “Light Up Your Brand” conference organized by our Portland office.  This was a highly effective, collaborative event featuring presenters from Intel, Linkedin, Federated Media, as well as Ascentium.   “How to Light Up Your Brand” was particularly […]

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Life in the Transition Lane

When we decided to be acquired by Ascentium, we knew that things would change mostly for the better and some for the worse (from our perspective). Aided by Ascentium’s large client base and broad offering of services as an interactive agency, our group has found more diversity of interesting work. Our revenues have steadily grown, […]

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How to Sell a Service Company

ZeroDash1 was acquired by Ascentium March 1. How did the deal happen? The genesis of ZeroDash1 came about last May when a few of us realized that measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns was an area of tremendous potential. We quickly formed a talented team, and launched with a big party at Hotel 1000 […]

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