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After Four Years, Time to Move on

In four years, a US president can complete a full term. Within four years, 63% of start-up companies in the information industry fail and close their doors. For four years now, I’ve worked on the vision of Lift9. We’ve continuously strived to deliver useful insights from mining conversations of people on social media, as well […]

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New Beginning At SDL Allows Us to Dream Big

On Monday, the SDL acquisition of Alterian was officially announced. I will remain the head of the Social Intelligence Division for SDL, helping to roll out our solutions globally. This is an exciting time because of the tremendous assets that SDL has within its family. At Alterian Social, we’ve evolved our Social Media solutions beyond just social monitoring […]

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Five Segments in Social Listening to Help Plan Your Move

I’m a big believer in the Social Media Listening space. I started a company in July, 2009 to provide reports and insights using social data and it has since changed its name three times through a merger and two acquisitions. Yet, the opportunities are just beginning. If you are an entrepreneur or an investor interested in the Social […]

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SDL To Take Over Alterian

Today, it was announced that SDL will acquire Alterian. Therefore soon,  a social media business that started as Lift9 will be getting its fourth company name within the last two-and-a half years. I started Lift9 in July, 2009 to offer social reports to large brands. On April, 2010 we merged with a boutique market research company […]

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Change a Great Equalizer to More Established Players in the Market

Change may come at different spurts, but it is ever present  in business and personal life. You can count on it. Yet, there are those who resist it and are uncomfortable with the uncertainty of change. Others welcome change as exciting challenges and great opportunities. A fully-functional organization requires both perspectives to varying degrees. Those who protect against whimsical ideas and put efficiency into […]

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Vietnam Office Wins Over Visitors

Now it’s almost become routine. Work visitors from all over the world coming through the Alterian Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City, leaving with warm memories and a real affinity for the team. This past week we had 10 visitors in the office. One group was there to launch projects for a wonderful new client, who has really […]

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Social Media Market Opportunities Moving Forward

It’s been a whirlwind of a week here in the UK. After the resignation of Alterian’s CEO, David Eldridge, I arrived to share my ideas about moving our ‘Social’ line of business forward in the upcoming fiscal year. The opportunity ahead remains tremendous. With Radian6 being acquired by Salesforce.com a couple of weeks ago and then Kana […]

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Gloomy Day In Bristol Spur Changes

Today is a gloomy day here in Bristol, UK. Yes, the weather is similar to the one I left less than 24 hours ago in Seattle. However, it is more than the weather that is affecting my mood. Today, David Eldridge, the CEO of Alterian, resigned. According to the reports from the ‘street’, our company is […]

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PART IV: Closing The Deal

PART IV: Closing the Deal Bob Hale, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Alterian, came to visit in June. It was obvious he had done his research and was asking good qualifying questions about our business.  He decided to stay for dinner at Barolo Restaurant that night rather than flying back home. Everything just […]

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PART III: When 1+1 Can Equal Something Greater Than 2

PART III: When 1 + 1 Can Equal Something Greater Than 2 We met at Wild Ginger for the first time in December, 2009. Misia Tramp and I talked about leveraging the available social media data for market research projects. She obviously knew her subject matter as she had been providing market research services through […]

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