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Embrace the New Disruptive World Order and Its Opportunities

I’m such a lucky guy! I live in a time of great change. Disruptive ideas abound everywhere.  This is a time when people who are flexible and forward-thinking get rewarded. We’re collecting more data than ever imaginable even 20 years ago and the opportunities to do something amazing with that information remain wide open. We […]

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Right Time to be a SoMa Startup

Several times on this blog I’ve tried to articulate the importance of “timing” of opportunities. Having appropriate “timing” implies also being in the right place. Today, we’re again living in a momentous time of opportunity for capable entrepreneurs. And apparently the right place to be is SoMa (South of Market) district in San Francisco. This […]

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Telling Stories Without The Right Words

How does a story teller tell his stories without his tool of words? That’s been an interesting challenge for me here in France. After years of standing in front of people telling stories about the vision of a certain company to potential investors or just trying to motivate employees, taking away my words is like […]

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Being a Part of the Human Network

Some people, I think, still are confused about why I’ve decided to spend two months in southern France mostly alone. Frankly, it could have been here or a town in Ethiopia or Indonesia. I chose Montpellier because I’m slightly familiar with the French culture and I thought the weather would actually be better than it […]

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Three Keys to A Successful Long-Term Relationship

For my son’s wedding, I gave the following toast/advice (paraphrased and elaborated upon here): I believe there are three important keys to keeping the fire ablaze of a good long-term relationship. Inevitably, all relationships will have high points and low points with all sorts of experiences in between. However, attention to these three key fundamental elements should lead to […]

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The Generational Cycle of Immigrants’ Priorities in Life

On January 11, my older son married at the ripe age of 24 to a wonderful girl from Vietnam. It was an emotional day for sure (well, I definitely felt a lot older) but we’re all confident that this union is the right thing for both of them. Among many other reasons, I’m very happy […]

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Bonjour de Montpellier

Bonjour de Montpellier. I arrived here last Thursday after 19 hours of traveling (including layover time of course). First of all, the photos of the apartment I found on line were a bit embellished. Nonetheless, I’ve gotten used to my “student-type” of housing. I’m not here for luxurious pampering. I came here to get out […]

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Unplugged, Avoiding Email, Enjoying Life

Well hello there. My last day at SDL was the end of November and since then I’ve enjoyed unplugging through the holidays. More than anything, not having to answer emails for the past month has been incredibly liberating. At first there was a brief phase of withdrawal, feeling too disconnected, but that quickly passed. Now, […]

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Don’t Let Information Overtake Your Lives

The shere amount of information today can be overwhelming. There are all the media outlets vying for our attention. Professionals are shouting out content to build their own brands. And of course, there are personal information being broadcast on social media. Whew, talk about information overload. It’s all somewhat silly since we should be absorbing […]

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Microsoft Surface2 Addresses New Niche Market

  A few days ago I went against the advice of most of my friends and bought a Microsoft Surface2 over the Samsung, Google and Apple tablets. My rationale was that I needed a portable device with MS Office and a functional keyboard. I’m part of the “new niche” that Surface2 should go after rather than purely […]

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