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The Emerging Mega-Global Trends To Rule Business World

When people travel, they obviously tend to focus on the differences between places. The scooter traffic in Saigon seems like a world apart from the freeway car jams in Los Angeles. The preserved architecture in Paris is the antithesis of the ultra-modern structures at the Bun in Shanghai. Food usually varies a great deal between […]

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Being a Part of the Human Network

Some people, I think, still are confused about why I’ve decided to spend two months in southern France mostly alone. Frankly, it could have been here or a town in Ethiopia or Indonesia. I chose Montpellier because I’m slightly familiar with the French culture and I thought the weather would actually be better than it […]

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The Underlying French Appeal

The French generally get a bum rap from American tourists. The thing is that the French culture has well-defined set of manners that many Americans don’t understand. Actually, Americans (especially tourists) generally are not very good at picking up subtle nuances from culture to culture in general. I guess that’s from being a large isolated […]

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#PleasantSurprises of your Lives

The hashtags on Twitter can serve many purposes. Certainly, they help people  filter for current topics of interest. It should be no surprise that #JobsSpeech is very popular today given President Obama’s speech earlier. Other hashtags can be just for entertainment/fun value.  Some of these allow people to share interesting thoughts and experiences under a common theme. For example, […]

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Being a Moma’s Wagamama

My earliest memories  were of waking up on a warm floor, which is how Korean houses were heated back then, and hearing faint females voices outside. I immediately recognized my grandmother talking so I started to cry knowing that’s the fastest way to get her attention. After all, I was hungry. I think I was three, […]

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Sexual Attraction, Human Instincts, and Diversification

Diversification is a natural law: It protects against risk and gives an improved chance for overall success. In an investment portfolio, diversification is a smart strategy. In effective leadership, having a diverse, complementary team increases chances of success. In mating, it appears, we naturally want to diversify the gene pool of our offsprings. But how […]

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Soft-Shell Turtle Soup, Carls Jr & World travel

It’s layover in Taipei International Airport, after 12 hours in the air from Seattle. Everything’s just a little too familiar. Instinctively, I made my way to the connecting “C” gates through yet another security check point. I have about 45 minutes to kill before the business center opens at 6am when I will check my […]

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Five Great Reasons To Love America

On this 4th of July celebration, let’s remember all the great things about America. Yes, I know the country is not perfect and we have a lot of challenges ahead. Still, I’m proud to be an American, maybe more so because of my immigrant background. Today, let me list five things I love about the […]

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Commitment Makes Relationships Boil

Friends my age are now re-evaluating their marriages, some re-committing, others bailing and still some frozen in indecision. A few of my younger friends are contemplating their first marriage. To me the big question has never been whether to get married, but how committed one is to the marriage (or relationship)? Caught up in the moment, […]

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A Perfect Day with My Mother

I had an amazing mother’s day. My mother’s always been a people person. She has great timing with stories and jokes. She easily entertains in group settings, and is quick to laugh. Despite this, we didn’t always get along when I was a teenager. As a mother, she could be extremely demanding and my adolescence […]

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