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Remembering 9/11

I’m about to board a flight to London from SeaTac Airport. Ten years ago today, I was living and working in London when a staff member told me that a terrorist had flown a plane into a building in New York City. I brushed it off as misinformation or a possible accident as I was

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Advocating Single Six-Year Terms for Politicians

So, it’s a “belated” tax day this year. Hope everyone was able to get their tax finished and submitted. Our government needs everyone’s money! This is a good opportunity to discuss the US government’s deficit and all the issues surrounding it. Throughout this blog, I advocate optimism and living a positive life. However, such an outlook on

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Family Gathering, A Reminder To Support The American Dream

Holidays bring families together. For me, we had Christmas in Las Vegas with my in-laws. The parents and all five of their children along with each of their families rendezvoused in Vegas from five different cities. My wife’s family is a Korean immigrant family, that came to Chicago in the late 1960’s. With five children,

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The Journey from Martin Luther King to our new President Barack Obama

Meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Not much I can really say that has not already been said.   He steadfastly advocated peace while championing an explosive social issue of the time in civil rights.  He stood against an unjust politicans’ war in Vietnam at the risk of losing many of of his civil rights

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Poor, Poor Blagojevich… is a Block-Head

  Meet Rod Blagojevich, a true American patriot who is being persecuted by evil, but powerful forces.  Poor Rod, a political lynch mob is after him, and for no good reason either.  Everyone’s out to get him.  People in his own Democratic party, and the Republicans too.  TOGETHER, they are trying to lynch him.  But

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Leadership at US Auto Makers Must Go

Let me re-introduce the three stooges of Detroit:  Richard Wagoner (CEO, GM), Alan Mulally (CEO, Ford), Robert Nardelli (CEO, Chrysler).  You’ve met them on a previous post. They came back to Washington DC last Thursday in hybrid cars, rather than private jets, asking again for a government bailout.  They prepared a more detailed plan for how

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Three Stooges of American Auto Industry Need to Go Before Any Bailout

Meet the three stooges of the American Auto Industry:  Richard Wagoner (CEO, GM), Alan Mulally (CEO, Ford), Robert Nardelli (CEO, Chrysler). Maybe this is piling on, but how can three “accomplished” CEOs lack such basic common sense?  Hello?  Did they really fly in private jets to Washington DC with a tin cup asking for a

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Obama is the Right Man at the Right Time

Meet Barack Obama, the next President of the United States.  The voters have spoken. Most already know that he will be making history as the first African-American US president.  I believe he also will be the first ever head of state of a G8 Nation.  Although breaking through such racial barriers is certainly noteworthy, he

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Wassup???? 8 Years Later

Meet the “Wassup” boys eight years later. These bud beer commercials were hugely popular in mainstream American. Now, eight years later, a sobering perspective of the state of affairs. Another example of how Obama dominates the messaging on the internet.

Obama, The Most Popular Twitter

    Meet Barack Obama, the most followed person in the world — on Twitter.  As of today, the US presidential candidate has 103,234 followers.  Despite his tremendous popularity, Obama’s campaign doesn’t use the service very aggressively with only 236 updates (tweets). Most of his updates have been notifications of where Obama is speaking and a link

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