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Creating A Work Environment Without Broken Windows

Precision and attention to detail were never my strengths. I’m more of a big ideas guy and appreciate having others around who can get to a deeper level of detail. However, after having been involved in multiple startups, I can definitely say that it is difficult to succeed without creating a conducive environment for precision. […]

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Simple Ideas With Familiar Themes Work Best

Why is “simple” so difficult? Making concepts and ideas simple is the art of great story tellers and effective leaders. The ability to communicate complex thoughts so that a large number of people can understand is the key to creating a movement. That is what great art does for us. That is what a great […]

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Disrupt Comfort Zones For Strategy Sessions

Want the next company strategy meeting to be full of creativity with real engagement from all participants? It’s surprising to me how difficult that can be. Like many things in our lives, these meetings can become a rut of mundane routines. We work in a time of highly specialized skill sets, where each of us […]

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What Do Elite Athletes And Business People Have in Common? Need to Practice.

Sure elite athletes like Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant are extraordinarily gifted. Each of them, however, are also renowned for their fanatical work ethic. They are dedicated to practicing their sport to perfection. Elite athletes practice 90 percent of the time preparing for the 10 percent when they actually do perform. In practice, […]

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Empowering Decision Making Throughout An Organization

As a leader in business, I do not expect (nor do I want) managers to always make the same decision as I would in any given situation. How limiting and dangerous would that be? I believe that a variety of perspective among capable people will eventually lead to the best possible decisions. In order to nurture a sense of […]

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Are You Having Fun Yet?

“Hey, are you having fun yet?” That’s a question I occasionally ask people I work with. It’s not a rhetorical question. I really want to know. Fun can be different for each individual. Some people find coming up with new ideas fun. Others love putting teams together, or closing a big deal. Regardless, it’s important […]

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Keeping the Bigger Picture in Mind

No one will mistake me as detail-oriented person. My head is usually in the clouds thinking of things in concepts. That’s why I admire those who pay so much attention to details. I need them around me to make things happen. Some of the really smart people I know are extremely good at solving problems […]

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Seahawks’ Transformation a Lesson for Leaders

Today in Seattle, people are extremely excited about the recent success of its football team (Seahawks). Such success is not normal for this town which has had one major championship (NBA championship in the 197-79 season) throughout its sports history. That franchise (Sonics), by the way, is no longer in town. While the Seahawks are […]

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Humility Needs to Accompany Confidence

It’s amazing how I seem to know so much less as I get older. Of course, what I mean is that as I get wiser with age I realize how little I actually do know. Humbling. Yet, there are benefits with wisdom and experience. I believe I now work smarter, make a few less mistakes, […]

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Motivating Employees

Recently, I gave a short presentation on motivating employees to our Vietnam leadership team. As part of a global organization at SDL, motivating employees principles need to stand up against cultural differences between each office. First of all, most organization hire managers based upon their domain expertise and not for their people skills. There is […]

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