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The Emerging Mega-Global Trends To Rule Business World

When people travel, they obviously tend to focus on the differences between places. The scooter traffic in Saigon seems like a world apart from the freeway car jams in Los Angeles. The preserved architecture in Paris is the antithesis of the ultra-modern structures at the Bun in Shanghai. Food usually varies a great deal between […]

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No Aha Moment but Progress Toward Better Enlightment

I have to admit that I did come to Montpellier searching for something but wasn’t exactly sure what. I was certain, however, I’d know the minute that I discovered it. Today, I leave Montpellier after nearly six weeks without that “aha” moment. Yet, I feel that I’ve learned plenty. I am certainly leaving very satisfied with […]

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Creating A Work Environment Without Broken Windows

Precision and attention to detail were never my strengths. I’m more of a big ideas guy and appreciate having others around who can get to a deeper level of detail. However, after having been involved in multiple startups, I can definitely say that it is difficult to succeed without creating a conducive environment for precision. […]

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After Four Years, Time to Move on

In four years, a US president can complete a full term. Within four years, 63% of start-up companies in the information industry fail and close their doors. For four years now, I’ve worked on the vision of Lift9. We’ve continuously strived to deliver useful insights from mining conversations of people on social media, as well […]

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Simple Ideas With Familiar Themes Work Best

Why is “simple” so difficult? Making concepts and ideas simple is the art of great story tellers and effective leaders. The ability to communicate complex thoughts so that a large number of people can understand is the key to creating a movement. That is what great art does for us. That is what a great […]

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Is Your Organization Talking About A Leapfrog Vision?

Shhhh! Listen closely to your organization If you work for a technology company. Are the product people talking about features and vision that are just playing catch up to market leaders? Does everything sound like a “me too” functionality in your product roadmap? Today, the technology market changes so quickly everyone is at risk if […]

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The Dreams of ePods’ Digital World Will Become Reality through Wearable Technologies

In the late 1990′s we had a vision at the start up ePods. We produced one of the first generation tablets and we had dreamed of offering consumers an easier, better way to access the internet. Shortly after launching our device into some of the Federated stores, we went out of business when we couldn’t […]

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The African Wildlife a Reminder of the Natural Laws of Business

Seeing the amazing wildlife on a safari through the Ngorongoro and Serengeti parks in Tanzania is indescribable for me. I can only wish that many others have the same privilege to visit here someday. Off-roading in Toyota Landcruisers we had lions stroll up to us. We saw giraffes high above us. We saw the spots […]

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Seattle Entrepreneur Establishes The Coffee Brand in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the few places I regularly visit without any Starbucks coffee shops. This is somewhat interesting given the coffee giant’s success in the different Asian markets. Instead, there is already a high-end coffee chain called Highlands Coffee, which ironically was started by a Vietnamese-American (Viet Kieu) from Seattle. David Thai was born […]

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Five Segments in Social Listening to Help Plan Your Move

I’m a big believer in the Social Media Listening space. I started a company in July, 2009 to provide reports and insights using social data and it has since changed its name three times through a merger and two acquisitions. Yet, the opportunities are just beginning. If you are an entrepreneur or an investor interested in the Social […]

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