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Don’t Let Information Overtake Your Lives

The shere amount of information today can be overwhelming. There are all the media outlets vying for our attention. Professionals are shouting out content to build their own brands. And of course, there are personal information being broadcast on social media. Whew, talk about information overload. It’s all somewhat silly since we should be absorbing […]

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Basic Storytelling Principles for Individuals and Marketers

Storytelling has always been part art and part science. A healthy amount of intuition for timing as well as the ability to be concise and dramatic at the same time really help. Many story tellers could better read their audience. Think about the last dinner conversation and the person dominating the “stage”. Did that person […]

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The Experience Needs to be Relevant and Differentiated

“Everything is about experience” tweeted Altimeter’s Brian Solis. Indeed, the old order of marketing has been broken. We as consumers are evolving and undifferentiated experiences result in indifference or disregard. “Every day the average American is exposed to countless thousands of commercial messages around the clock. To marketers’ chagrin, consumers have learned to tune out most […]

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When EF Hutton Talks, People Listen; Today’s EF Huttons Are Talking On Social

Following up on my last post about how conversations have always been leading indicators of what is about to come, I remembered some great E.F. Hutton commercials in the late 1970′s, early 1980′s. Anyone who was around in the US during that time would remember that when “E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”. I still think […]

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A Simple Way to Look at Big Data

Big Data, Big Data. Yes, we’re capturing more information than ever. The web, social media and large business applications are all capturing an unprecedented amount of information. BUT why is big data even a big deal? Well, if analyzed properly, the trends and insights revealed from Big Data can be extremely important in gaining a […]

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Relevance of Language in Social Intelligence

Visiting Singapore again was great after about five years. The food was bomb as I remembered it. Fusion of Malay, Indian and Chinese foods is a mouth-watering experience not soon forgotten. The government has done a good job of continuously attracting businesses here as well as some good entrepreneurs with progressive investment and tax policies. […]

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In Social Intelligence, Aim beyond Today’s Innovations

In the fast pace world of digital marketing, changing with the times may not be enough. The target needs to be well beyond where the market leaders are today, but where the market is going tomorrow. Use the competitor’s investment in addressing today’s standard against them and aim for some target that leapfrog today’s innovations. […]

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Three Social Thunderstorms: George Colony of Forrester

Forrester CEO George Colony predicts the end of the web and the emergence of “post social”. What do you think?

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Five Segments in Social Listening to Help Plan Your Move

I’m a big believer in the Social Media Listening space. I started a company in July, 2009 to provide reports and insights using social data and it has since changed its name three times through a merger and two acquisitions. Yet, the opportunities are just beginning. If you are an entrepreneur or an investor interested in the Social […]

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