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After Four Years, Time to Move on

In four years, a US president can complete a full term. Within four years, 63% of start-up companies in the information industry fail and close their doors. For four years now, I’ve worked on the vision of Lift9. We’ve continuously strived to deliver useful insights from mining conversations of people on social media, as well […]

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Breakfast Conversation with Scott Oki

This morning I had the privilege of having breakfast with Seattle philanthropist and former Microsoft executive Scott Oki. At 65-years-old, Scott looks fit and years younger. His secret for youthful living is simple: Stay active and keep moving. He is diligent about practicing Kung Fu five days-a-week at a Bellevue studio. The black belt started Kung Fu six […]

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Simple Ideas With Familiar Themes Work Best

Why is “simple” so difficult? Making concepts and ideas simple is the art of great story tellers and effective leaders. The ability to communicate complex thoughts so that a large number of people can understand is the key to creating a movement. That is what great art does for us. That is what a great […]

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Disrupt Comfort Zones For Strategy Sessions

Want the next company strategy meeting to be full of creativity with real engagement from all participants? It’s surprising to me how difficult that can be. Like many things in our lives, these meetings can become a rut of mundane routines. We work in a time of highly specialized skill sets, where each of us […]

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Korean Mobile Game Industry Exemplifes Opportunities

I’m in Seoul for a couple of days basically as a long layover on my way back to Seattle from visiting our office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. One of the best benefits of traveling internationally is the opportunity to observe patterns away from my usual routine in the US.  It allows me to […]

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Two “Opposing” Big Data Opportunities For Businesses

“Big Data” holds a lot of fantastic promises. From a healthcare perspective, medical experts should be able to better trend, locate and even isolate new outbursts of diseases. We can even optimize how many and where to build appropriate healthcare facilities in different parts of the world. From a business perspective, the proper usage of […]

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Is Your Organization Talking About A Leapfrog Vision?

Shhhh! Listen closely to your organization If you work for a technology company. Are the product people talking about features and vision that are just playing catch up to market leaders? Does everything sound like a “me too” functionality in your product roadmap? Today, the technology market changes so quickly everyone is at risk if […]

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What Do Elite Athletes And Business People Have in Common? Need to Practice.

Sure elite athletes like Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant are extraordinarily gifted. Each of them, however, are also renowned for their fanatical work ethic. They are dedicated to practicing their sport to perfection. Elite athletes practice 90 percent of the time preparing for the 10 percent when they actually do perform. In practice, […]

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SDL Executives Welcome New CMO

The executive board of SDL just concluded its quarterly meeting at headquarters in Maidenhead. We welcomed our new CMO Grant Johnson who will be asked to be a ‘change agent’ in terms of driving company brand awareness with clear, compelling messaging.  Currently,  SDL is known more by its individual products (Trados, Tridion, SM2, etc) than […]

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Lifestyle Change, Not Diets to Make Sustainable Changes in Life, Business

So, you look in the mirror and notice putting on some weight. You want to look better, like you did when younger. Remember your glory years? What should you do? There are a lot of diet choices: Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Weight Watchers diet… etc. While each of these diets work in the short term by […]

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