Recalibrating Meetjohnsong Once Again

Again, I’m at a cross road with this blog. I’ve spent the past couple of years writing mostly about my observations of life  and incorporating some learning into business lessons. I’ve always thought my topics were too broad and personal to have wide appeal, which has been basically true. However, once in awhile, I get comments from people who obviously have read my posts and are opinionated about my point of view. Meeting those people are very motivating and always restart my writing after long breaks. Thank you.

I’m going to continue to resist making this blog just about my industry or company. I can do that on my company’s website. I want to continue to expose my thinking as an individual and how to affect oneself and others. I will continue on with this blog perhaps being even more personal than before. If you connect with my thoughts here, then you will be connecting with my authentic self. As boring as that may sound, for the few of you who read a post every so often, I hope I can bring some insights and enjoyment.



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