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Five Positive Thoughts For Every Negative One

A successful long-term relationship is a matter of perspective. This is true whether in business or personal life. So often, many of us get fixated on what is “wrong” with another person or what that person has done that we think is inappropriate. We get myopic on another person’s weaknesses and forget the positives. While […]

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Relevance of Language in Social Intelligence

Visiting Singapore again was great after about five years. The food was bomb as I remembered it. Fusion of Malay, Indian and Chinese foods is a mouth-watering experience not soon forgotten. The government has done a good job of continuously attracting businesses here as well as some good entrepreneurs with progressive investment and tax policies. […]

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SDL Offering Product Commitment Score Using Social Media Data

I recently returned from Singapore where I got to witness the last few presentations for a roadshow by members of the SDL Social Intelligence Customer Experience Measurement and Analytics (CXMA) team. The topic was around measuring product commitment scores using social media data. We’re launching a near real-time measurement system to monitor the commitment of […]

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Seattle Entrepreneur Establishes The Coffee Brand in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the few places I regularly visit without any Starbucks coffee shops. This is somewhat interesting given the coffee giant’s success in the different Asian markets. Instead, there is already a high-end coffee chain called Highlands Coffee, which ironically was started by a Vietnamese-American (Viet Kieu) from Seattle. David Thai was born […]

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After Lunch Naps Help Productivity

I’m on a Southeast Asia trip, starting in Ho Chi Minh City before going to Singapore. I’ve always enjoyed visiting this office for the warmth and enthusiasm of the team members. All the corporate travelers have learned a lot from the team here. One thing that I’d like to incorporate into our office back home […]

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Corporate Power Traits Can Adversely Affect Family Life

As a business leader, I’ve had to take many different tests to analyze how I operate. What kind of leader am I? What’s my tendencies under pressure? Am I more analytical or emotional? Am I more extroverted or introverted? While I’m not particularly proud of this, I’ve scored in the very top percentage of executives […]

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Love in Cabo

I was privileged to be a part of a wonderful wedding of two delightful people. He’s a stylish man from Calcutta, India and she a beautiful woman born in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was a destination wedding in the warmth of Cabo San Lucas with the temptation of tequila everywhere. Almost 50 guests trekked to […]

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Present a Story, Not just the Facts

This trip to the UK was primarily to present to the London financial analysts in the SDL PLC Analysts and InvestorTeach In event. As a leader of one of the acquired Alterian divisions (Social Intelligence), I got to be one of  four presenters. Overall, the presentations went well as most analysts reacted favorably  in their […]

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Recalibrating Meetjohnsong Once Again

Again, I’m at a cross road with this blog. I’ve spent the past couple of years writing mostly about my observations of life  and incorporating some learning into business lessons. I’ve always thought my topics were too broad and personal to have wide appeal, which has been basically true. However, once in awhile, I get […]

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