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In Social Intelligence, Aim beyond Today’s Innovations

In the fast pace world of digital marketing, changing with the times may not be enough. The target needs to be well beyond where the market leaders are today, but where the market is going tomorrow. Use the competitor’s investment in addressing today’s standard against them and aim for some target that leapfrog today’s innovations. […]

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Elephants in Your Life

Why are there so many elephants in your room? How come you are ignoring them when they are taking up so much space? Look around your life. You are being suffocated. First acknowledge that the elepants are there, that they are affecting you and everyone else around you. Then, get rid of those elephants from your room. The thing is, everyone […]

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New Beginning At SDL Allows Us to Dream Big

On Monday, the SDL acquisition of Alterian was officially announced. I will remain the head of the Social Intelligence Division for SDL, helping to roll out our solutions globally. This is an exciting time because of the tremendous assets that SDL has within its family. At Alterian Social, we’ve evolved our Social Media solutions beyond just social monitoring […]

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