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Making the Most of Each and Every Day

We’ve all been told to make the most of each day. Many think that this means we have to do something special each and every day. That is not sustainable. Some really “enthusiastic-about-life” people burn out quickly trying to make each day an adrenalin rush. Most successful and well-adjusted people understand how to progress each day toward one’s overall life goals […]

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Self Awareness that Will Lead to Better Team Dynamics

Understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses is an important step toward continuous growth and self-improvement. I’m constantly surprised at how many of my personal traits that are obvious to others always take so long for me to realize. For example, I’ve long considered myself an empowering delegator. Recently,  I’ve finally had to admit that I can be […]

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The Most Important Team is the Leadership Team

As we move into another new year, one of my priorities is strengthening the leadership team. As a senior management team, each member is completely committed to his/her own functional teams and employees. However, we’ve not spent sufficient time strengthening the cohesion and teamwork within the leadership team itself. Like all teams, the leadership team has dysfunctions and issues that need […]

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