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Seven Tips On Entertaining In Business

Throughout history, important agreements were solidified over peace pipes, at village feasts, royal weddings and so forth. Today, entrepreneurs pitch business plans at coffee shops, businesses form partnerships on golf courses, or secure large contracts at dinners over wine. We as humans instinctly react favorably to “festive”, “fun”, “out-of-the-norm”  environments. They put us in better more agreeable moods, which […]

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Two Critical Parts of Building A Great Team

Ask a successful leader about factors to his success, and “his team” will always be high on the list — guaranteed. If only it was as simple as that. Of course, a leader wants a great team, but many in power are poor at selecting the right individuals for a team and/or are horrible at building smart cohesion […]

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Change a Great Equalizer to More Established Players in the Market

Change may come at different spurts, but it is ever present  in business and personal life. You can count on it. Yet, there are those who resist it and are uncomfortable with the uncertainty of change. Others welcome change as exciting challenges and great opportunities. A fully-functional organization requires both perspectives to varying degrees. Those who protect against whimsical ideas and put efficiency into […]

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What the Penn State Scandal Teaches Us About Accountable Leadership

While details of the sexual molestation scandal at Penn State continue to come out, people are polarized on the firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno. While there will be no criminal charges brought against Paterno because he reported one of the incidents that came to his attention to his superiors, many believe he should […]

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Love Lock on Pont des Art Creates Another Memory

A friend from Paris told me that life is but a series of meaningful memories, as we sipped wine in a swanky bar in Saint Germain, Paris’ left bank. Amid a stylish, handsome crowd, I enjoyed our continued conversation. I was in France celebrating my 25th anniversary with my wife. We’ve built quite a few […]

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Anglo-EU (American) Translation Guide

Having worked with the British most of my career, I could have used this translation guide a lot sooner. The confusion across the channel is just the same across the Atlantic. In conclusion, it seems that  I’ve been always overly optimistic working with the British (haha).

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