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Be Vulnerable, Be Honest with Your Team

In order to build real trust, a person has to be willing to be vulnerable in front of others. This is a tough one for an Asian male like me. My culture of “face-saving” is not conducive to exposing weaknesses. I’ve had friends tell me that I’m easy to befriend but hard to really get to […]

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A Dining Expereience at Cristal Room Baccarat

A wonderful dining experience at Cristal Room Baccarat with special friends (who joined us in Paris to celebrate my anniversary with my wife). Thought I’d share at least the different courses. No pictures of the crystal and wonderful chandeliers, which were themselves extraordinary. You’ll have to visit to experience that yourselves. Hope your eyes enjoy the […]

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The Underlying French Appeal

The French generally get a bum rap from American tourists. The thing is that the French culture has well-defined set of manners that many Americans don’t understand. Actually, Americans (especially tourists) generally are not very good at picking up subtle nuances from culture to culture in general. I guess that’s from being a large isolated […]

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Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Do you know the five dysfunctions of team… at least from Patrick Lencioni’s perspective? In a story-telling format, he’s laid out an interesting case for what are the dysfunctions keeping most teams from optimal performance — and how to get around them.  Here is a sampling of each of the five dysfunctions. If these resonate […]

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