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I first caught the bug for traveling when I spent a year in Seoul right after college to rediscover my roots. Spending extended time in such a different urban setting was exhilarating, liberating and stimulating. Every day was a new adventure. Prior to that I’d spent most of my life in the southern suburbs of […]

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Signs of a Great Leader

Leaders who I really admire are those who pass on the credit when successful but always hold themselves accountable when things are challenging. The book, “Good to Great” details how such leaders are found in companies that can make that magic leap to greatness. In today’s difficult economic times many companies are struggling. The leadership will be […]

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High Risk Lives Can Yield High Rewards

Life’s journey requires everyone to take some risks. However, high achievement is reserved for those who are willing to take some big risks. In order to be able to take big risks, a person can’t be afraid of failure. Successful people actually hate to fail more than most, but they are NOT afraid to fail. […]

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Enjoy the Surprise Upgrades in Your Life

As a frequent traveler, I’ve gotten free airline upgrades from time to time. If you travel enough, an upgrade can make the time on the airplane much, much better. Anyway, who doesn’t feel good when they get something nice unexpectedly? Several times, however, I was already so tired and grumpy that an upgrade just didn’t […]

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Leading through Momentum Shifts in Business

Momentum is a part of the ebb and flow of life. It often gets magnified in sporting events because of their intense competition format. Momentum shifts in sports can be felt and seen in the results. It’s visible on the face of players, by the reaction of fans, and even in how “luck” seems to […]

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Power of Social Media: CNN

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