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Building an Effective Leadership Team

The most effective leadership teams are the ones that empower their members enough to challenge one another but is cohesive enough that once a decision is made everyone falls in line. It takes trust from each member to create such a leadership team. There needs to be a transparent environment where difficult situations are directly […]

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Being a Moma’s Wagamama

My earliest memories  were of waking up on a warm floor, which is how Korean houses were heated back then, and hearing faint females voices outside. I immediately recognized my grandmother talking so I started to cry knowing that’s the fastest way to get her attention. After all, I was hungry. I think I was three, […]

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Diversity Spice of Life

As I’ve written many times, I have a great love for different cultures and foods. In Seattle, I’m lucky to have a group of friends who share the same passion. I encourage you to start your own group.

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Networking Tips

I was at the ASCEND networking and wine tasting event yesterday at Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle. I had been a speaker for this group before and wanted to show further support — as well as taste some wine and network. The event featured tips on networking, which I found interesting. Networking is still a […]

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