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Effective Leaders can Course-Correct & Take Everyone on the Journey

Sometimes I envy those who are satisfied traveling alone on life’s journeys. How easy is that? You get to choose where you want to go, which route to take, what pace you want to travel. You don’t have to convince anyone else. You don’t have to build consensus. I often think about this in business terms. One of the […]

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Social Intelligence Will Provide Compelling Insights & Foresight

Social media is changing the way we interface with the web. Rather than searching (i.e. Google) for content, we are starting to read more and more content distributed from our social networks. As this trend continues, social intelligence will become increasingly important. This isn’t about just tracking brand mentions and daily volumes. Social intelligence will […]

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Finding Passion In a Career

People often ask me how they might find their “passion” in their careers. Simple question that is difficult to answer. I’m a firm believer in being passionate about what a person does. However, many people think that they only have the ONE true passion in their lives. It’s kind of like finding that one “soul mate”.  In […]

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What Paper Napkins Tell About A Country

One way to understand the level of development of an economy is by the availability of paper napkins and/or tissues in local restaurants. When I had lived in Seoul in the late 1980′s, it was really difficult to get decent-sized paper napkins at local restaurants. If lucky, you would be given a small single-ply piece. Please […]

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