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Cannot Do Good in this World Without Doing Some Evil

A friend today said that you can’t do good in this world without doing some evil. So true. If you want to really positively affect the world, you need to be live in the world, which inevitably means making some mistakes. Passion will lead to greatness and positive impact, but it also will definitely push […]

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Offer Clarity, Not Perfection

In leadership, clarity is critical. How do you expect people to commit and follow if you don’t offer clarity? So many times, I see companies maxing out at one level of development because it’s not clear from leadership what is the next “stair-step” in the company’s devleopment. As a leader, don’t worry about your business […]

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Concepts of Disruption

The thing about trying to “disrupt” the market is that ‘it’s” never been done before. So, you’re trying to explain a concept that is not easily understood. Therefore, unless you are extremely persistent and very creative, your ideas will not gain traction. At times, you must try to break down the parts of your idea […]

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