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Sexual Attraction, Human Instincts, and Diversification

Diversification is a natural law: It protects against risk and gives an improved chance for overall success. In an investment portfolio, diversification is a smart strategy. In effective leadership, having a diverse, complementary team increases chances of success. In mating, it appears, we naturally want to diversify the gene pool of our offsprings. But how […]

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Invest In Your Strengths As A Leader

Each great leader has different strengths from other great leaders. For example, history points to Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi as great leaders, but everyone would agree that their strengths were completely different. Too many corporate leaders today, according to the book, “Strengths Based Leadership”, study past successful leaders and try to imitate them. Rather, […]

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Moving Mountains with Leadership

How do you lead?   Create an authentic environment which lets people feel a part of something bigger than themselves individually — with a compelling purpose. My happiest memories include being a part of my high school team that lost three of its first four games before getting on a roll and making it all the […]

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Tony Hsieh Delivers Happiness

Just finished a wonderful book, “Delivering Happiness” by Zappos’ Tony Hsieh. I recommend it to anyone interested in entrepreneurship, building a unique company culture, finding happiness, or just reading a good human story. In October, 2009, Zappos, the customer-service online brand, was acquired by Amazon at a value of $1.2 billion (at the time of closing). In the […]

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