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Be Relevant

RELEVANCE. What a wonderful word. There is so much noise in our world today, that it can be difficult to find relevant information. Try to think about this when talking to people in business. It’s amazing how often people, prepped with their presentations, talk about something that is totally irrelevant to the audience. Many people […]

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Open Your Appetite to Adventure and Openness

While I was traveling, a friend once told me that a person who is open to new foods truly is a person with an open mind. Anyone can talk about being open to new adventures and ideas but people cannot fake enjoying unfamiliar foods. He was right. I’ve since watched people and their reactions to new foods for […]

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Vietnam Office Continues To Increase Impact

For the past 10 days I’ve been in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam working with our team there. I participated in the social media team meeting, where our American and British strategists and analysts gathered for a planning and team-building session with our Vietnam research team. In addition, I was focused on preparing operations there […]

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Appreciate Random Sadness as much as Happiness

Life is meant to be an ebb and flow of experiences and emotions. It is not meant to be one continuous ride of happiness. How utterly boring would that be? Some people complain non-stop about being sad and unhappy, and chase “happiness” at all costs. These are truly imbalanced lives. In my life, I’ve been […]

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Multi-Tasking Diminishes Impact

While people have become more productive with modernization, many of us have gone beyond the point of diminishing return.   Multi-tasking allows us to effect more things in a given day, but it doesn’t always allow the quality impact like single-tasking – nor does it allow us to enjoy what we are doing as much. […]

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New Year Reaffirmation of Life Goals

For the New Year, I’m hopeful that my life will become even more simple, that I find fulfillment by what is accomplished and not by what is accumulated. I want to be more supportive of my family and friends for what they are and not what I want them to be. I would like to […]

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