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Family Gathering, A Reminder To Support The American Dream

Holidays bring families together. For me, we had Christmas in Las Vegas with my in-laws. The parents and all five of their children along with each of their families rendezvoused in Vegas from five different cities. My wife’s family is a Korean immigrant family, that came to Chicago in the late 1960′s. With five children, […]

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Reaching Goals by Compromising

To be an effective person in business and in life, people need to understand how to move different scenarios toward their objective. In many cases, this means “losing” the argument for the sake of “achieving” the overall goal. Easier said than done.  For example, if you want to close a deal in negotiations, you will have to inevitably give in some areas in […]

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Resolving Conflicts, A Matter of Perspective

One of my sons sees pretty much only the “tree”, and the other one can only see the “forest”.  When they fight, they claim the other is just not listening. They talk past each other and get very frustrated and irritated with one another. It’s tough having two sons who see reality so differently. While siblings […]

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Optimism, Mother of Entrepreneurship

If necessity is the mother of all inventions, optimism may be the mother of all new business ventures. Everyone starts a new company because they believe that they can be successful. No one I know started his or her own venture with the belief that they will fail. Therefore, by nature, entrepreneurs need to be eternal optimists, otherwise, they will give up way too […]

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Relax the Body, Free the Spirit, and Focus the Mind

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. It can also be a time of high stress and pressure. Extended families getting together; trying to get end-of-the-year projects finished at work; fighting crowds to buy presents. Sometimes, it can all be overwhelming. Breathe, relax your body and free your spirit and keep your […]

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Cloud Computing Explained by 10-year-olds, Accenture

Nicely done!

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