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Halloween Costumes a Personal Nightmare

Happy halloween! My first halloween experienuce was in California as a seven-year-old new immigrant. My father convinced my brother and I to dress in our traditional Korean outfits (hanbok) and go trick-or-treating. Woo hoo! I couldn’t believe that I got free candy for wearing a costume and ringing people’s door bells. America was great, in […]

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Bad Stereotyping For a Laugh

So, the international joke goes… at least the way I remember it: Heaven is: French food German engineering Italian fashion British police Japanese wife Hell is: British food Italian engineering Japanese fashion German police French wife I’m sure I’ve just offended many with this type of stereotyping. I’ve even heard great debates spawned from telling of this […]

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Fasting Helps Overcome Jetlag

As a frequent international traveler, it’s important to overcome jetlag quickly at my destinations to maximize productivity during these visits. That’s easier said than done, especially as I get older. Recently, a colleague at Alterian told me about a BBC special that explained how our human brains have a second “feeding clock”  that can override our “master clock” when food is […]

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Soft-Shell Turtle Soup, Carls Jr & World travel

It’s layover in Taipei International Airport, after 12 hours in the air from Seattle. Everything’s just a little too familiar. Instinctively, I made my way to the connecting “C” gates through yet another security check point. I have about 45 minutes to kill before the business center opens at 6am when I will check my […]

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