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PART IV: Closing The Deal

PART IV: Closing the Deal Bob Hale, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Alterian, came to visit in June. It was obvious he had done his research and was asking good qualifying questions about our business.  He decided to stay for dinner at Barolo Restaurant that night rather than flying back home. Everything just […]

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PART III: When 1+1 Can Equal Something Greater Than 2

PART III: When 1 + 1 Can Equal Something Greater Than 2 We met at Wild Ginger for the first time in December, 2009. Misia Tramp and I talked about leveraging the available social media data for market research projects. She obviously knew her subject matter as she had been providing market research services through […]

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PART II: Continuous, Honest Self-Evaluation of the Business

PART II:  Continuous, Honest Self-Evaluation of the Business Everyone loved the idea conceptually, but securing client contracts was a whole another matter. We started selling our social media solution in late October, 2009. This had given us time to set up and train our researchers in Vietnam. When presented with our sample Lift9 reports on […]

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PART I: The Lift9 Story, Picking the WHO? First

PART I: Picking the WHO? First I had an idea and a gut feeling. Social media data was going to be increasingly valuable. Yet, no matter how many social media monitoring tools entered the market to pull this growing mountain of data, it would never be of substantial value to businesses without human analysis, which […]

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The Signing: Acquired by Alterian

The Dominos Pizzas arrived while we were all scattered among the desks in front of the CEO office. It was late, nearing 10pm in the Alterian office in Bristol, UK. The “deal” team was frantically making the final changes to the stock purchase agreement, while others were trying to coordinate the signing of a wide […]

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Intrepid Acquired by Alterian

It was shortly after we signed on as a customer of Techrigy’s SM2 last year that we heard about Alterian’s acquisition of the social media tools company. Now, our company, Intrepid, has just been acquired by Alterian as well. Obviously, I applaud Alterian’s vision. Together, we will be able to provide a very compelling solution […]

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