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The Entrepreneur Ride: Can Get On, But Not Always Off

Here’s a great analogy to being an entrepreneur of a high growth start-up company: “It’s like getting to ride the coolest, baddest roller coaster. It’s exciting just thinking about getting on board. Then, that first ride is so exhilarating that you want to do it again, and again. But when you’ve had enough and are […]

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Richness of Life, A Matter of Perspective

Last night, I enjoyed a home-cooked Vietnamese dinner, a day after just returning from Ho Chi Minh City. A Vietnamese-American friend visiting from San Jose prepared a wonderful meal for a group of us. She asked a lot about my trip to Vietnam. She reminisced about growing up in Hanoi with her extended family. She […]

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Good Bye Vietnam, For Now

So concludes another trip to Vietnam. It was cooler than my last visit in Spring. It’s rainy season and the overcast skies provided some relief from the sun, and the occasional down pours cooled the city. The Intrepid research center moved during my trip. While the start-up office, two rooms in a large house, was […]

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Getting All I Asked For – Lots of Traveling

“Be careful what you wish for.” I was very specific when starting Lift9 (which has since become Intrepid Consultants) that I wanted a business that was global.  I had a lust to travel again as I had done during most of the 90s when helping to build ARIS to its IPO in 1997. Last month […]

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