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Everything Interesting Happens out on the Fringes

Everything interesting happens out on the fringes. Admit it. It’s true. Artists continuously challenge normal convention to come up with new, innovative expressions. They, along with  chefs, scientists, performers, and other passionate people thrive out on the fringes. We as humans instinctively are drawn to them. They are the quintessential “cool”. Take the stodgy world of network […]

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Building Trust Keeps the Team Strong

Trust. Why is it so fleeting? Trust determines your relationships with your most intimate peeps, with your work colleagues, with strangers, with everyone. Some of us have the propensity to trust too much, others too little. In a team environment, it is critical to trust your teammates. When a superstar athlete does not trust his […]

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Over-Communicate During Times of Change

Absent of clear information, people generally presume the worst. Therefore, in time of change or crisis, it is good to over-communicate with facts, as well as contextual information. Unfortunately, it is during these times of change that leaders are buried in the day-to-day and communicate the least. Often, unsure of next steps or too wrapped […]

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Office BBQ & Three Core Components of a Great Work Environment

This video blog is during an Intrepid US office Friday BBQ. The reference topic is “Three Core Components to A Great Work Environment” from an old blog post.

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Avoid People With Smaller Worlds

Ever watch people make their world smaller, smaller, smaller? Once after having lived overseas,  I visited my high school to play basketball with old teammates. They wondered aloud why I would leave the comforts of the strip malls of Tacoma? Actually, I like my hometown of Tacoma, but some of those friends were doing the […]

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Commitment Makes Relationships Boil

Friends my age are now re-evaluating their marriages, some re-committing, others bailing and still some frozen in indecision. A few of my younger friends are contemplating their first marriage. To me the big question has never been whether to get married, but how committed one is to the marriage (or relationship)? Caught up in the moment, […]

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Take the Time to Think Big

An entrepreneur can be the visionary, janitor, salesman and office manager all at the same time. The hands-on requirements of a startup appeal to most entrepreneurs. However, all successful people need to have that “strategic time” — the quadrant two (not urgent, but important) in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey). This quadrant […]

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