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Video blog: Back in Vietnam where it Began

The first video blog post. Would love any feedback.

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After Merger, Harnessing Friction to Hone The Blade

Organizational optimization, now that’s a mouth full. Whenever you go through a merger, there is some underlying compelling business reason. Successfully integrating two entities, however, isn’t as easy as merely modeling out a new business plan. At Intrepid, we just merged Lift9 and Intrepid. On paper, the prospects are exciting as we merged a creative […]

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A Story of a Merger Intrepid, Lift9

Let me tell you a story about an emerging company that is global in outlook and nimble in execution. Recent times represent great change, when technologies continue to shrink the world and potentially disrupt the general pecking order of businesses. As digital information doubles every 18 months and social media changes how people around the world […]

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Reviewing Basics of Conceptual Selling

Recently, much to my delight, I’ve been in front of potential customers more often. Over the years I feel as if I’ve developed good sales instincts. Successful entrepreneurs are instinctive salesmen. Nonetheless, I wanted to review some basic  principles of conceptual selling. Let’s do it together. First, no one buys a product or service. The […]

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A Perfect Day with My Mother

I had an amazing mother’s day. My mother’s always been a people person. She has great timing with stories and jokes. She easily entertains in group settings, and is quick to laugh. Despite this, we didn’t always get along when I was a teenager. As a mother, she could be extremely demanding and my adolescence […]

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Walking, Riding Subways Puts You Right Into the Culture

Traveling with me can be a pain or quite adventurous, depending on your perspective. Generally, I like riding local public transportation, especially the subways. I also like to walk. I only ride taxi’s out of necessity. Why would I want to be in a car with just the driver when there’s a whole new environment […]

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Storytelling Effective in Corporate Communications

Throughout this blog, I’m telling stories. I try to make these stories entertaining, interesting, and have some point. Storytelling is also an effective way to communicate within your organization. Sometimes, however, even story-tellers like myself forget to make important points through an effective narrative. Recently, excited to have some positive financial information about our company, […]

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