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Walking Through Portobello Market, Watching Teamwork at Play

I’m in London working for a couple of weeks, staying at a bed and breakfast over a quaint pub called Portobello Gold. As the namesake may ¬†indicate, I’m staying right in the heart of the Portobello Market, just off of Notting Hill. Every morning, I walk through the market to work. Being jetlagged, I’m up […]

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How Many Persona’s Are You?

How many personalities do you have? Or a more appropriate question is how many persona’s are you? Since we were little kids, we learned to project different persona’s depending on the situation, environment or the company around us. I know I certainly projected myself differently in church than I did around my jock friends in […]

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Successfully Communicating Across Generations at the Workplace

Yesterday, I was a panelist for the topic of successfully communicating across the different generations in the work force. The event was organized by ASCEND – Seattle Chapter. Dr. Jeff Wilson, a Boeing expert in generational studies, was the keynote speaker. He outlined a four-generation cycle: Silent, Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials. Apparently […]

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Leadership is Making People Want to Follow

A long, long time ago (mid-1990s) when ARIS was growing rapidly, our company was a sexy, up-and-coming Seattle story. At that time, a senior business development executive from Oracle approached us about helping ARIS expand to the East Coast. The late Pat McGovern had been raised in the Seattle area and graduated from Seattle Prep. […]

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iPad launch Brings Back Memories of ePods

IPad hit the stores with much fanfare. Again, Apple has succeeded in putting together a consumer product that really works for consumers. The interface is amazing. The growing number of applications look promising. IPad is just sexy hot right now. The web tablet idea has been around for some time. The heavy duty, but clumsy […]

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A Great View of Chicago and a Shout Out to One of Its Entrepreneurs

Chicago is a great city. It’s got grit and flash. Regardless of the fact that the US Census lists Los Angeles as the second most populace city in the US, I consider Chicago the “second” city. After all, is Los Angeles really a city? Of course, I get a bit of a distorted perspective of […]

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