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Six Tips on Finding Help Writing Your Business Plan

Young entrepreneurs are passionate about their technology and/or concept. They are evangelical and tireless. What they often lack, however, is the discipline and the experience to model their business appropriately and create a credible business plan. Some venture capitalists may feel this is something that they can do to help bright new ideas. However, many […]

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Serving Shareholders with Appreciation

I hosted a Lift9 shareholders meeting last night at my place. Having helped raise money for three companies now, I was selective about the company’s initial investors. The group last night was fantastic and very supportive about what we’re doing at Lift9. I wanted to host the meeting at my personal residence and put in […]

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Does Your Environment Allow For Failure?

As I watch the winter Olympics, I see some amazing athletic feats. Then, I wonder, how many times those athletes had to fail in order to succeed on a world stage like the Olympics? Many, many times, I imagine. It is no different in business or any other aspects of life. In order to be […]

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The Most Honest Part of the Body: Accurately Reading Body Language

Most of us know that nonverbal communication plays a bigger part in what we actually communicate than our words. Some speculate that it represents up to 80% of what we are communicating. Understanding people’s nonverbal signals more clearly, therefore, can be a huge advantage in business — or in life generally. Do you know what […]

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Shop to Stop Diabetes, a Win-Win-Win Scenario

Here’s a real sweet deal. You can buy $100 (or more) worth of retail gift certificates for $20 and most of that money goes to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). So, you get great products at substantial discounts while a worthwhile cause receives a new stream of donations. That is a good deal! The concept has been tested successfully over the last […]

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Confidence and Competence Foundation for Success

CONFIDENCE is vital for success in life and business. I look for confident people when assembling a leadership team. A leader must have confidence in order to lead. A leader also needs to be competent. Success is the right combination of confidence and competence. Today, the multi-billion dollar industry of self-help really focuses on boosting […]

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Enjoy Little Things Worth Smiling About

Someone once asked me why I smile so much? Until then, I never knew I smiled much at all. Okay, I knew I obnoxiously laughed a lot when drinking, but that’s different. Anyway, it made me wonder if I really did smile more than most people. For example, right now as I’m writing this I’m […]

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Globalizing Business Perspective

Bi-lingual people usually learn a third or fourth language easier than an adult just learning a second language. Being raised in a bi-lingual family, I know this to be true. The fact that my “words” interpreting reality can be formed from two different language perspectives is a huge advantage in learning yet another language. One […]

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