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My Adventure in Soho with Hugh Simpson Wells

I lived in London during the early 2000′s, where I  had some of my best memories ever. Now, I’m  back in West London visiting where it took about a half a day to get my bearings to feel as if I had never left. Much of my focus here this time is work, but tonight […]

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Understanding the Stair Step Pattern Of Company Growth

Company building is a unique experience. An entrepreneur can experience a huge gyrations of emotions in any given day: ‘Wow, we’re going to do this!’  ‘Oh, we’re going to crash and burn’.  ‘My employees hate me’.  ‘My customers love me’… With experience, however, you come to expect these twists and turns. In fact, you kind […]

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Speak with Clarity and Provide Rationale

Communication is something we often underestimate. That’s how marriages often get into trouble, as well as most projects in the business world. We know how to speak the same language, yet we often miscommunicate. Over the years of managing various people, I’ve learned the first step to better communication is acknowledging that people communicate differently. […]

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Ben Huh Providing 5 Minutes of Happiness Each Day

Ben Huh, CEO and Co-Founder of Cheezburger Network, wants to provide people with five minutes of happiness each day with his empire of hilarious niche websites. His favorite is his first, icanhascheezburger, which provides audience-submitted photos of cats with witty captions. Ben presented at the KAC (Korean-American Coalition) Networking Social last night, sharing the history […]

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Learning Through Parenthood, A Humbling Experience

Parenthood is a humbling experience. It is a rewarding experience. It is a growing experience. Children are a reflection of their parents. Maybe that’s why parenting can be so frustrating. I’ve gone through different phases of parenthood. Of course, there is the “overwhelmed stage” as a young parent. We had our two boys 11 months […]

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