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Designate a “Single-Task Day”

Multi-tasking, in many ways, is over-rated. Engaging in a second task while your computer is running a large query definitely makes sense. But there are many scenarios where multi-tasking leads to poor quality work or just less productive output. Whenever I’m behind a car that is driving dangerously below the speed limit on the freeway, […]

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Social Media Blogs to be Posted on Lift9 Website

For those who read this blog for insights on social media, I’ll be posting such topics on Lift9′s blog page moving forward. MeetJohnSong will continue to be a personal blog about personal insights and topics around company building. Thank you for your interest.

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During a Quest to Find the Secret Tree, Rediscoverd Priceless Memories in Seoul

Twenty-four years ago, I was but a young man just finished with college in the states, studying at Seoul’s Yonsei University to rediscover my ethnic culture and learn Korean. Korea, at the time, was just developing into one of the Asian “Tiger” economies, and preparing for its coming out party, the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. […]

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