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Developing Appropriate Work Culture — In Vietnam

I just spent a week at our Ho Chi Minh office, aligning our company’s vision with the research team there. It was fun and rewarding. First of all, young people all around the world understand the potential marketing power hidden inside the walls of social media sites. Social media is intuitive to all people exposed […]

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My flight to Ho Chi Minh City from Seattle was on Asiana Airline with a stop over in Seoul. A petite Korean grandmother and I shared a row with a seat between us. She was very polite and generally non-intrusive, except for wanting to feed me. First, she insisted that I take half of her […]

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Speaking Volumes on YouTube

This is an oldie, but an invaluable “goodie” lesson about the potential impact of social media. When the iPhone first came out, AT&T billing system gave customers detailed report that itemized each time they went onto the internet. Since the iPhone allowed such easy access to the internet, this meant a very bulky monthly bill […]

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Grandmother, Grandson ‘Bond’ through Texting

My mother (71-years-old) called me excitedly to tell me that she had a “text” conversation with my son Jef (20-years-old) yesterday. Here is a creatively paraphrased version of the conversation as I understood it (I put in parenthesis what I imagine they were thinking). Grandmother: “Hi Jeffrey, this is grandma. I was thinking of you. […]

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Fundamental Shift in How We Communciate

Boston College has stopped giving out emails to its incoming freshmen. Social media is the preferred mode of communication for Generation Y and Z. I have some young people helping me with a Lift9 video. They are creative and energetic, but not very responsive to email. So, I texted them for updates and got immediate […]

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