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Valuing A Start-Up Company

How does one value a start-up company? Some do it from comps (comparable companies) and then discount for the many risks as a start-up. Some look at projected financials or maybe market share. Some calculate the amount of unpaid labor that may be required by founders and try to value the company that way. Some […]

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Picking the Right Team for Your Startup

When starting a new venture, everything begins with picking the right team. That is something heavily on my mind right now as I am about to launch a new company. In “Good to Great”, the book clearly found empirical evidence showing that the team is more important than the vision or idea. The reasoning is […]

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Simplicity in Business Plan a Good Start

I’ve been running around meeting different people with my new business plan. I’m pitching to experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen mainly for constructive feedback. I work best under an iterative process, trying to refine my pitch AND plan after each presentation. Many times the oral presentations and critical exchanges really take my written thoughts to another […]

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Golf Trip With A Limp

I just finished up a four-day golfing trip with “da boyz”. This is a group of pretty good golfers and heavy drinkers who plan one big such outing a year. This year I sprained my ankle just a few days before the trip to Lake Tahoe. By the time it was time to leave, I […]

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Four Tequila Lunch with Aha Toro Quite Enlightening

Last week I had lunch with Sang Chae, the distributor of tequila brands Aha Toro and Amigo. I told him I liked tequila, especially late at night with friends, but that Patron shots usually ended badly for me. Obviously agitated by my comment, he insisted that we immediately do some taste testing at his office. […]

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Predicting Fallout of Too Many Sons in China Could Have Paid Off

So, there are 32 million┬ámore men than women under the age of 20 in China according to a 2005 Chinese census. That’s roughly the population of Canada. Yikes! Now, the price of gifts required by the families of brides is skyrocketing. This is a social anomaly in the making for 30 years of population planning […]

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Tips for Making the Most of Business Networking Events

Most people do not like networking events, a few do. Ever been to an event where you don’t know anyone and you awkwardly look for an opening to engage someone in a conversation? Then, you see someone familiar and you go directly to that person and spend most of the rest of the event talking […]

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A New Start in a Time of Opportunity, Risks

So, it begins anew for me once again. Last Friday was my last day with Ascentium. ┬áToday is my first day working on what I consider my sixth potential venture. My experience at Ascentium was wonderful for the most part. Ascentium bought my company, ZeroDash1, in March of last year (2008). We were excited about […]

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