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Timing Really IS Everything

So, I went to the Social Media Club’s tweetup in Bellevue yesterday. Interesting to meet people in person who you may know on twitter.  One of the more engaging conversations was with Pam Hoelzle, who is a business coach based upon her successful — and sometimes unsuccessful — ventures as an entrepreneur. We discussed how […]

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Analytics and Optimization to Measure Your Performance Within Your Family

  The concept of Digital Analytics and Optimization is to measure all digital marketing initiatives against a set of KPI’s (key performance indicators) to ensure proper performance and to find ways for improvement.  Wow, that’s some marketing jargon. But the concept is simple.  Why do you have a web site? Your most important reasons are […]

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Seattle Job Social Draws Big

I was at the Seattle Job Social event at Twist in Seattle yesterday. The event  is organized by VerticalMove, a headhunting and Recruiting Outsourcing Process service provider. My friend, Michael Michaels, is the Business Development Manager there and had invited me. When I arrived, the line extended outside the door, down the sidewalk south on […]

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8 Lessons from the ARIS Experience

In my last blog post, I reminisced about the ARIS days. Now, maybe I can share some of the lessons learned during those times. It’s about the TEAM: No matter if you are MIT smart like Paul Song, it’s the collective ability of the leadership team, not one individual. You cannot scale without having a […]

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Sharing a Drink, Sharing ARIS Memories

Just the other day, I had drinks with a long time friend, Kendall Kunz, at the Roanoke on Mercer Island. He’s not just another friend, he was part of our executive team that took ARIS public on the NASDAQ  in 1997. ARIS was founded by my brother, Paul Song, after which Kendall and I joined […]

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Learning to Let Things Come to You is an Art… In Life and in golf

So, it begins. Another golf season to occupy my weekends and test my patience. After a very wet and cold winter and spring, I kicked off the golf season with my friend and rival Jeff Gilles. The front nine was quite cold but the sun finally came out and brightened things up during the back […]

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Measuring Up Startup Investment Opportunities

Just finished lunch with a good friend, Young Lee, who was one of the senior executives at, which recently sold to iParadigms. After the sale he moved back to Seattle from the Bay Area. We talked about various early-stage investment opportunities in this down market. We agreed that the current equity market or the […]

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A New MeetJohnSong

Thank you to those who have at times visited this blog. I’ve had fun with Meet John Song. After all, who doesn’t like to rant and rave about things that are important to oneself? Guilty. I’ve tried different approaches. First, I wanted to highlight local entrepreneurs, but that was not sustainable. Then, I tried to […]

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