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Playing for Change On Tour

  We are so excited to announce that PLAYING FOR CHANGE is going on Tour!!!    If you live in the U.S. cities of Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, or New York then we are coming to you NEXT MONTH!!!   Joining us for the first ever ‘Playing For Change: Songs Around the World Tour‘ are some of your favorite musicians; Grandpa […]

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Brandon Roy, a Class Act

Meet Brandon Roy, hands-down my favorite NBA player. Since the Seattle Sonics skipped town for Oklahoma City, I haven’t paid much attention to the NBA.  However, when the Portland Trailblazers are on television, I’ll watch Roy do his magic.   For me, Roy’s style of “calm” bball is exciting.  Always under control, he still finds […]

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Landmark Case of Wong Kim Ark Speaks to US Even Today

Meet Wong Kim Ark, who was born in San Francisco in 1873 to Chinese immigrant parents.  After a visit to China in 1895, he sailed back to San Francisco only to be detained by Collector of Customs on the grounds that the Chinese Exclusion Act forbid entry for Chinese immigrants.  Ark insisted he was an […]

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Seth Godin Explains the Difference Between Content & Process

Meet Seth Godin,  one of my favorite marketing authors and bloggers.  In a recent blog post, Seth explained the difference between process and content.  He challenged people to know what they are good at realtive to process skills and content knowledge when looking for a new gig. He explained that your process skills (emotional intelligence skills […]

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