Blagojevich is Out… but I’m sure He Still Loves Himself

blagojevichMeet Again Mr. Blockhead himself, now former gov. Rod Blagojevich.  Finally, he’s out of office as the Illinios Senate voted unanimously Thursday to impeach the delusional governor.

A bizarre sequence of events lead to his impeachment.  Mr. Blockhead was arrested on federal corruption charges in December for allegedly trying to sell or trade a US Senate seat that became available after Barack Obama was elected as president.  He fought back publicly and refused to resign from his governorship, claiming that a political “lynch mob” was after him.  That’s about when I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about Rod Blagojevich (Poor, Poor Blagojevich… is a Blockhead).

Then, the week leading to his impeachment hearing, Mr. Blockhead went on a talk show circuit trying, I think, to drum up public sympathy.  He fell flat on his face.  Instead of attending the senate hearing and presenting evidence for his defense, Mr. Blockhead “talked more about the evidence with Barbara Walters on ‘The View’ than he did in this (Senate) chamber today, where he’s facing impeachment and removal from office,” said David Ellis, the House prosecutor.

This guy is an amazing ego.  There was a great comment on my last blog post about Mr. Blockhead from Donna, “…I don’t think it matters what you say to this guy, he just ain’t gonna believe it. He’s like Casey Anthony – could care less what people think of him or what he’s done – just as long as people are looking at him. That’s right, Rod – go comb your hair again – someone is about to take your picture – quick, straighten your jacket out!”

Spot on!

Poor, poor Blagojevich.  Look on the bright side, Rod, people now know how to spell your name.


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