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Playing for Change Foundation Builds First Music School in South Africa

Previously, I introduced a movement that is trying to unite the human race through music:  Playing for Change, Peace Through Music.  Since then, I’ve received so many wonderful responses about this movement that I wanted to give some more information. Mark Johnson, a co-founder of the movement, was interviewed by Bill Moyers on his weekly […]

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Poor, Poor Blagojevich… is a Block-Head

  Meet Rod Blagojevich, a true American patriot who is being persecuted by evil, but powerful forces.  Poor Rod, a political lynch mob is after him, and for no good reason either.  Everyone’s out to get him.  People in his own Democratic party, and the Republicans too.  TOGETHER, they are trying to lynch him.  But […]

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Good to Great Test on Corporate Leaders

As diverse as some of my posts have been, I’ve still tried to highlight impacting personalities, whether positive or negative.   I’ve written many posts about leaders of business, probably because I am a businessman.  Some showed humility like Haruka Nishimatsu, CEO and President of JAL.  Others showed innovation like T.A. McCann of Unfortunately, […]

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The Miniature Earth: World’s Population Reduced to a Community of 100 People

Meet the late Donella Meadows, whose legacy still lives through a powerful video “The Miniature Earth“. Although Donella passed away in February, 2000, Her original work “State of The Village Report” (1990) gave the basis for this video that reduces the world’s population to a community of only 100 people. Very powerful, making us easily […]

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JAL CEO Haruka Nishimatsu’s CNN Interview Shows Different Executive Outlook Than In The US

Meet Haruka Nishimatsu, the President and CEO of JAL.  His is an amazing story of humility and sense of team with his company and workers.   By internet standards, I know this may be old news, but I just had to post the CNN interview with Mr. Nishimatsu, given my previous posts about the US Auto […]

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Let’s Carry on the Spirit of Pay It Backwards

Meet the customers of Starbucks, who are getting into the holiday spirit.  More and more people are “paying it backward”, meaning they are paying for the order of the person behind them.  In Bloomington, Illinios, Starbucks customers paid it backward for more than three hours last Tuesday. Pretty cool, given the tough economic times.  But […]

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Leadership at US Auto Makers Must Go

Let me re-introduce the three stooges of Detroit:  Richard Wagoner (CEO, GM), Alan Mulally (CEO, Ford), Robert Nardelli (CEO, Chrysler).  You’ve met them on a previous post. They came back to Washington DC last Thursday in hybrid cars, rather than private jets, asking again for a government bailout.  They prepared a more detailed plan for how […]

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Entellium Lists Laid-off Workers As Creditors in Bankruptcy Filings

According to the bankruptcy filings by Entellium, previously laid-off workers are listed as creditors.  Um-hum.   The remaining employees, much maligned by some of those laid-off back in October, persevered through uncertainties to negotiate an asset sale of the spiraling company.  If successful, that sale to Intuit will raise money to pay Entellium’s creditors.  This […]

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Jonathan Roberts Cleaning Up the Entellium Mess, But How Far Will He Go?

Meet Jonathan Roberts, a venture capitalist at Ignition Partners and board member of Entellium.  Previously, I blogged about the arrest of two former Entellium executives for cooking the company books and deceptively raising nearly $50 million in venture money.   Paul Johnston, the former CEO, remains in jail. Parrish Jones, the former CFO, has been […]

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Watching Heroes with Twitter’s #Heroes Redefines Interactive TV

 Meet Greg Grunberg, a trailblazer of sorts in integrating social media ever closer with a television show.  Oh yeah, he’s also an actor who play Matt Parkman in the popular television series Heroes.  He plays a policeman who can read and influence people’s thoughts.  One of the scarier powers, I think. Greg tweets avidly on Twitter, with […]

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