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Survey: Did the Negative Sentiment Created by #motrinmoms Benefit or Hurt the Motrin Product?

Meet #motrinmoms, the latest symbol of the power of social media.  They created an uproar through twitter and blogs about a Motrin ad that presented babies as an “accessory”. Motrin executives pulled the ad in two days and offered up an apology. Powerful stuff, no doubt.  The viral nature of the uproar proved that this is […]

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Three Stooges of American Auto Industry Need to Go Before Any Bailout

Meet the three stooges of the American Auto Industry:  Richard Wagoner (CEO, GM), Alan Mulally (CEO, Ford), Robert Nardelli (CEO, Chrysler). Maybe this is piling on, but how can three “accomplished” CEOs lack such basic common sense?  Hello?  Did they really fly in private jets to Washington DC with a tin cup asking for a […]

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Lawsuit Against May Raise Honesty Standards in Digital Ads

Meet Anthony Michaels, who filed a lawsuit against for false advertising.     For any of you who have signed up for, you know exactly what Anthony Michaels is alleging against the original online social networking company.  Those enticing emails suggesting that friends are trying to get a hold of you are not what they […]

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Da Boyz Golf, Talk Thrash, Support One Another

Meet da boyz.  Many groups of friends dub themselves “da boyz”.  These, however, are my “da boyz”. Today, on an unseasonably sunny fall day in Seattle, eight of the da boyz scatter in for tee times at Washington National Golf Club, a Scott Oki course. Already well-lubricated, the first to arrive are Pete and Steve.  […]

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Chris Jordan’s Depiction of Consumerism is much more than Charts and Graphs

      Meet Chris Jordan, an artist who is photographing a different perspective on numbers.  In today’s society when numbers and statistics are bantered around without much perspective, Chris is using art to show the magnitude of our consumerism.   As a person working in Web Analytics, I find Chris’ perspective to be very […]

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We’re Smarter in Year 2060, or Are We?

Meet My Vision of the Year 2060:    A recent study has reported that the humans of today in 2060 are in fact “smarter” than those who were living during the initial advent and adoption of the internet at the turn of the 21st century.  Now, more than three generations since the internet changed the […]

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Playing For Change: Peace Through Music

Meet Mark Johnson and Jonathan Walls, who collaborated to create an incredibly moving concept and film:  Playing For Change – Peace Through Music.  Wow! Johnson came up with the concept ten years ago in the Big Apple when he heard two Buddhists monks playing music in a subway stop, mesmerizing the usually callous New Yorkers.  The […]

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Obama is the Right Man at the Right Time

Meet Barack Obama, the next President of the United States.  The voters have spoken. Most already know that he will be making history as the first African-American US president.  I believe he also will be the first ever head of state of a G8 Nation.  Although breaking through such racial barriers is certainly noteworthy, he […]

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Attachmate CEO Jeff Hawn Pleads Guilty To Animal Cruelty

Meet Jeff Hawn, the CEO of Attachmate and notorious buffalo hunter.  In a bizarre story covered by John Cook’s Venture Blog on TechFlash, Hawn pleaded guilty today in Colorado courtroom to charges of animal cruelty after having engineered the slaughter of 32 bisons, including cows carrying unborn calves. The story goes like this:  Jeff Hawn wasn’t […]

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Relevancy Matters in Email Marketing

Hey, there’s a story about me (well, it’s really about making email marketing more relevant and I’m just a part of the plot) in Anil Batra’s blog.  Anil and I actually work together at ZeroDash1 | Ascentium.  He is one of the most followed experts in web analytics, behavioral targeting, and online marketing.  Here, Anil […]

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