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Project 10 to the 100th

Do you have an idea for helping other people?  Google has a nice campaign around helping others, which in turn really helps you (to be fulfilled and happy).  If you have ideas, by all means, share! I love this kind of stuff. Project 10 to the 100th  

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Using Linkedin to Plan Business Events

Ascentium has used Linkedin as an event-registration platform on a couple of occasions.    The first was the “Light Up Your Brand” conference organized by our Portland office.  This was a highly effective, collaborative event featuring presenters from Intel, Linkedin, Federated Media, as well as Ascentium.   “How to Light Up Your Brand” was particularly […]

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Twitter For Effective Executive Communication

Social media applications are changing the way we communicate.  We expose ourselves with a portfolio of personal data to be understood, appreciated and unique.  Communication is now open, collaborative.   In the corporate world, however, very few companies consider how to use social media applications and its concepts for internal communication.  Sure, marketers and thought-leaders […]

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Prefer Another Visit than a Book about My Hometown

Please indulge me.  I want to tell a story – of course, about myself. While I was the managing director in London running the EMEA region for Noetix, my wife decided to rent a flat in Paris during one of the summers.  She found an adorable place in “Le Marias”, a chic district in the […]

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Life in the Transition Lane

When we decided to be acquired by Ascentium, we knew that things would change mostly for the better and some for the worse (from our perspective). Aided by Ascentium’s large client base and broad offering of services as an interactive agency, our group has found more diversity of interesting work. Our revenues have steadily grown, […]

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