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Reorganizing Effectively for Small Companies

In the corporate world, reorganizations are a way of life. As companies grow and try to maneuver through the ever-changing business climate, executives want to “streamline” and “restructure” to stay competitive as possible. Large corporations usually hire seasoned experts to help plan and implement their reorganizations. Many smaller, growing companies, however, rely mostly on the […]

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Professor Leverages Corporate Experience to help Students

Meet Jeff Gilles, a professor and so much more. He is a professor at Seattle University’s Computer Science department. Jeff is a part of the wonderful higher education system in the Seattle area that is producing talented, capable young people for the vibrant local tech sector. There is a reason why so many Silicon Valley […]

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The Mystic of the American Dream

As we just celebrated the Independence of America, I thought about how great this country has been for my immigrant family. All of us have excelled under its democratic system and entrepreneurial environment. In turn, this country, attracting the brightest minds of the world by offering a renowned opportunity called the American Dream, have benefited […]

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What If Bill Gates Had Never Moved Microsoft to Seattle? Thank You Mr. Gates and Good Luck

Welcome everyone to the Seattle Duck Tour! The first part of the tour will be in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square district, where the original “skid row” was termed by loggers working in area. Now, manufacturing and retail are the pillars of the region’s economy. Yes, not sexy, but solid blue collar infrastructure… … and now […]

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