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Don’t be the Seattle Mariners

Ok, I admit it. I’m a big Mariner’s fan. Ask my wife, the game is always in the background in the evenings, much to her annoyance. This year’s team was supposed to be a contender, but after a third through the season, the Mariners have the worst record in the major leagues. What gives?    […]

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Effective Schmoozing

Client/Sales Entertainment?… Talk to some and it’s the best way to close a deal. Others think it’s a waste of time and money. Where you stand between these two opposing views probably has a lot to do with your own personality. In general, we humans need to bond prior to engaging in a relationship – […]

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Explore Executive Follows Playbook for Success

MEET STEVE JONES, an entrepreneur with an effective playbook for building a service company.   Steve and his long-time buddy, Jeremy DeSpain, co-founded Explore Consulting in February, 2001. The company sprinted out to a good start, working lean and realizing comfortable profits. “We came out of an era where spending was insane (the dot com […]

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Zoodango Launches Smart Invite

Zoodango officially announced the beta launch of “Smart Invite” today. I wrote about James Sun, the Apprentice star and entrepreneur, who is launching an “intelligent” way to organize get togethers for friends or business.   If you want to check it out, follow these 3 simple steps:   Hop onto and log into your […]

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Confessions of My Intervention

I’ve been known to give constructive feedback every so often, especially at work. It’s probably a lot easier than receiving one. However, receiving constructive feedback is much more beneficial — IF you LET it be. Almost a year ago, I walked into my own INTERVENTION. It was after a team meeting at ZeroDash1. As I […]

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