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Behavioral Targeting in the Presidential Campaigns

This presidential election will be the first where online advertising will play a significant role in the results. Traditional TV ad’s still represent a disproportionally high amount of ad spend by the different candidates, however, more and more money is moving to the online medium. Here is an interesting article on the subject in ClickZ […]

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High Tea Helps Face-to-Face Communication

While working at CSG Openline as the Vice President of Operations, one of my biggest challenges was to create a collaborative environment across the different delivery departments. Immediately, I had recognized that the teams relied too much on email communication and not enough on basic face-to-face resolutions of problems. In order to facilitate better teamwork […]

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A Recovering "Deal Junkie" Makes Good as a Business Executive

MEET Brad Furber, a recovering “deal junkie”. Those recovering deal junkies can be hard to spot. Brad looks calm, clean cut, not too stressed out. His round wire-frame glasses and deliberate manner of speaking give slight clues of his past career as a corporate and securities attorney. Otherwise, he looks like another internet entrepreneur. Listen […]

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How to Sell a Service Company

ZeroDash1 was acquired by Ascentium March 1. How did the deal happen? The genesis of ZeroDash1 came about last May when a few of us realized that measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns was an area of tremendous potential. We quickly formed a talented team, and launched with a big party at Hotel 1000 […]

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Putting Most of the School Money into Teacher’s Pockets

A charter school in New York city will open in 2009, promising to pay teachers $125,000 in annual salary, plus possible bonuses. No, it’s not a school for the outrageously wealthy families. In fact, the school will only use public money and charter school grants. So, what gives? The teachers will be asked to work […]

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